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How it all began 20 years ago, Kim (the founder of Aulterra) noticed his children were getting sick. He had a bunch of these old brick cellphones in his home and car as well as basic internet in his home. He had read an article by the government, (back than it was microwave energy) that stated they could cause health problems. He started taking the technology out of the house and they would become better. He then brought the technology back in and after a week noticed his children were becoming sick once again. He did this 3-4 times and realized the EMFS were causing health issues and was determined to find a solution. He mediated, used intuition, muscle testing (kinesiology) on a few things and happened upon this mineral rock that was highly paramagnetic. Dr. Phil Callahand, a leading expert in paramagnetic minerals, invited him out to his place in New Mexico where they tested it. It was determined that it was the most highly paramagnetic deposit he had ever seen. From there he developed a homeopathic and enhanced it. Later, a friend asked him about EMFs. His friend happened to have several forms of technology that could test EMFS against the minerals which proved 100 percent effective with whatever they did with it and there the neutralizers were born. They were first made by hand. Biological Testing He learned early on that more the you lowered the EMFs, the more the remaining EMFS had to work harder. With their research, it didn’t matter how man EMFS there were because their product neutralized the energy verse blocking it. He took biological steps with Dr. Glen Ryan who did the research at Estee Lauder who found that when they had human DNA in a petri dish and heat shocked it with a cell phone, the DNA would not rewind or it would not heal. When they put a neutralizer on the phone, the DNA acted like the phone wasn’t even there. He did this 28 times (a number the academic society loves to see) and was able to get a patent. He got a patent with 43 claims on it that no one else has- was than published in a peer reviewed international medical journal, followed by a brain wave study that they passed with flying colors. In addition, the head of research of EMFS in Austria did tests as well he passed once again. Basically, it became where most people were trying to lower EMFS to make it safer but Aulterra’s products focus on neutralizing the EMFS so you do not have to get rid of them. It was found the compound that was created from the paramagnetic minerals allowed the body to view man-made EMFS not as foreign objects and therefore accepted by the human body.

Neutralizing and exactly what that is: Man-made EMF causes damage to body; the Aulterra products changes how the body recognizes the emf as organic matter. A meter will not pick this up because you are not blocking the EMFS. There is one meter that would pick up change, but its 1000s of dollars. Whole house plug Started first on commercial buildings developers working on “green buildings “used to help neutralize their new construction. It works on an AC current. Wring has long memory, so it takes 3 days for the whole house plug to rewire/retune the electricity in the home, This makes radiation coming from electricity easier for the body to handle. It is not getting rid of electricity but making electromagnetic fields safer. After 3 days anything plugged into house won’t create toxic emus. This plug will cover anything plugged in BUT anything that has a direct antenna like a router, smart TV, baby monitor, and cordless phone would benefit from a neutralizer as well. Baby monitors are most dangerous because they run on a single wave/signal and has a very high peak.. It is also highly suggested to put a neutralizer on the bottom of a smart meter (I prefer two) along with the whole house plug. Tested on an electrician at a Drs office via blood and his blood was better after the neutralizers.

Car plug Is instantly neutralizes because it runs on a DC current which only goes in one direction unlike AC current. In addition, there was a Dr in India who was hypersensitive (DROVE PRIUS) and she was nauseas driving every day and the car plug worked wonders. She is a published MD who is currently working with other doctors on the effects of EMFS and the benefits of neutralizing. How can we protect ourselves when out in the open? Stickers in the shoes is a great way. One is enough but two is great (one in each shoe). It started w professional football players on the Seattle Seahawks who do a lot of testing for Aulterra and they played better, didn’t get exhausted as easily. The idea is that it creates a grounding effect and protects the players from the EMFs in the environment. Long distance runner beat his own record by 30 secs first time using a sticker.

(I do carry a line of other wearable products). Powder internally People w extreme diseases and put on high doses (MS) for two months after using were able to get up out of bed for first time in years. He personally takes 2-3 capsules per day. It cleans the bowels out quite well. First research: caused healthy microbes to grow 8-10 times faster and helped the healthy bacteria in the gut work. Take in a smoothie. After 6 months changes in mental attitude, mindfulness, joy, coined it “happy stuff”. In Russia they have devices w 182 dials to test brain (doesn’t have in US) and were able to watch when people took it, it helped all chakras waves in brain per testing. More research as technology gets better. He personally took a year off to test himself and noticed he got happier after. Aulterra sells to vitamin companies bc they add the powder to their formula bc they could reduce their ingredient while enhancing the product since one of the other benefits is to boast supplements that someone is taking. Daniel had a frequency machine to measure quality of product, figured out it had to get quiet to work. Nowadays there are too much artificial things in our food to get herbs/vitamins where they need to be, Aulterra helps to enhance back to organic status. Start with a very small amount (he cannot prescribe how much to take). Use your intuition or muscle testing. Take too much and you’re going to get diarrhea right off the bat and if you do then back off. Came to him during meditation and followed up for research. Powder is heat treated 350 degrees for 4 hours so there is no bad stuff then sent to lab to test production prior to going out. Pillow Immediately once put on body, migraine would go away, help knee pain in some. Powder works from inside out, pillow works from outside in and helps balance who you are from the outside in. Uses it on food -put a pillow on it for 3 min to get rid of pesticides and has valid research on it from a testing center in America to support this claim but does not advertise because of the FDA. Use pillow when kids are sick, babies when colicky. Has 128 airline pilots to help w jet lag and won’t fly without it. It helps with anything you have going on. Put under sheet next to your heart as it has a 6ft radius Might have vivid dreaming but after 3-5 days will go away, will sleep better, rest better, and who you are will come into better balance. Mini Pillows Tested 100 women w abuse, radiation, and breast cancer, would pin inside bra, breast cancer (an attorney) was having radiation but has no scars from radiation, has 40 oncologist that use pillows to this day. Helped women w emotional healing. Tumors: put small pillow on or close to tumor; big pillow doesn’t help as much w this; helps DNA change as seen in testing. UC Irvine of radiology noticed there were no dead cells after radiation w the pillow and that’s unheard of. Suggests to use powder internally as well as pillow to help get the gut balanced, cancer is an imbalance of the body and this helps balance the body that’s why there’s no one thing that fixes it all.

What if I put in house plug and I don’t feel different? Not everyone will feel, everyone has different sensitivity levels, some people may not notice until 6 months later but your life will change. Things just become calmer!

Does it need to be charged? NO but you can use it to charge your crystals, set powder on crystals for a few hours and it charges crystals.

Any other questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or if you are ready to make a purchase, everything is on the website!

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