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Christopher Gallagher

"Finding Gina has been a blessing. She is wonderful at educating people on how to protect themselves from EMFs. My wife and I live a holistic and healthy lifestyle. I started having hip pain along with random vibrations in my leg that were caused by EMFs. My wife was having extreme headaches. All our issues went away, and we did a biometric body scan to prove it. We got wristbands, necklaces, stickers, home & car neutralizer, powder, grounding sheet and smart meter protection. The great thing about the powder is you can ingest it along with putting it in your paint for added protection. All these products are amazing. I trust the products that Gina has on her website. She is super responsive to any questions and passionate about the products."

Clare Ann

"I'm so grateful for the stickers. My MacBook was sending currents to my arm until I added the stickers."

Nicole Borgia

"My kids wear the wrist bands for over a year and never take them off. I really do see a difference."

Stephanie Fittinger 

“I received my EMF Harmony Harmonizer for the  router, I have placed it on the router and I am reaping the benefits instantaneously. While it is hard to tell if products are working that fast, evidence in time shows they do in wellness. I have noticed our goldfish within proximity are more active. It has been a couple of days so far. With the 3 pack of stickers there is a high reduction of hand radiation from my phone. Products are worth it!"
"Just purchased stickers a couple of weeks ago and…….WOW, I can now report my experience.I’ve been having weird painful pains on both hands during sleep and when I wake up. It feels like pins and needles but with a lot of pain. I’ve also been having heart palpitations, horrible insomnia and just a feeling of tiredness and lethargy. I put the stickers on my cell phone and iPad mini, also put it on my sons work from home tools (cell phone, laptop, computer etc.)I haven’t had any pains and my symptoms are all gone. I did not make any other changes and exclusively only used the stickers!! My next purchase will probably be the full house usb. I am so relieved and so happy that I found this page. Thank you so much Gina Marie"


“We live right next to a very large cell tower and I have always had trouble sleeping along with my husband and children. About a week after using the whole house plug and pillows for all of us, I am thrilled to report we have all been sleeping so much better! We have now had everything for over 3 months and are very happy!”

Erin Erin

"Review for the car usb: I used to feel like I had to concentrate on breathing while driving (like my lungs were too small). I put the usb in my car a year ago and stopped feeling restricted.

When we traveled a couple months ago, I put the usb in a different car that we were using for travel.

Fast forward to last week... I realized I'm struggling to breath while driving again. I never put the usb back! I returned it to my daily car... no more breathing issues."

Linda Noble

“Just received the necklace in silver. First, it is really classy and beautiful and goes with dressy or causal looks. Finally beautiful EMF protection! I always wear my EMF Harmony bracelet and just love the upbeat energy. Just to test the necklace I wore it alone all day and the energy for me is a little more subtle but has a deep feeling of strength. I love this and of course the EMF protection is a given! The next day I wore both and felt balanced and strong all day. I highly recommend this beautiful piece!”

Tresa Hendrix

"We got the bracelets today and I put mine on just minutes ago and feel very different. Almost lightheaded but not in a bad way. It’s almost like being surrounded by noise and it’s all of a sudden quiet. I am never taking this thing off!”
"I'm thankful for all the Aulterra products, but especially the EMF Harmony bracelet. I wear it all the time."

Melissa CA

"The whole house plug shifted the energy immediately. It felt lighter and more peaceful."
"I am thankful for the phone sticker. Before it I felt pain in my arm and waves in my eyes/head the whole time I touched my phone. Since adding the sticker I can handle my phone without pain or waves."

Lara NE

"The house plug from Aulterra helped us a lot. One place we'd moved into in past had a *beep* ton of smart meters and one of us broke out in hives. Started getting relief within a few hours of plugging in the house plug."

Aimee Davis

"I am grateful for the whole house and car plug! I can tell a difference when I am in my car and in my husband's truck because he doesn’t have one."
"I am so happy with the whole house plug..It is such a small thing that covers so much in our house. Thank you Gina Marie for all your time and help!"
"The first product we purchased was the Aulterra Whole House Plug USB. They says it takes 3 days to acclimate the wiring but I could tell a difference right away. It definitely felt even better after a couple of days. It gave a peaceful feeling to the house, it's like the whole atmosphere changed."

Cheryl An

"The Powder! I added it to paint when we repainted our main floor. It feels is much calmer!"

Danielle Danielle

"Purchased the powder to mix into paint for our new home. I had concerns about the powder changing the color or consistency of the paint, but it didn’t! I can’t wait to feel the effects once we move! I also just purchased a pillow and house plug! Plan to keep adding to the collection! "

Smart Meter Harmonizer Review

Upon coming home from our two week vacation, I began to have very bad headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness and inability to stand up straight and walk in a straight line. I was desperate to find out what changed when I was out of the country. I decided to take a look at my electrical meter after reading about the Meter Harmonizer. Sure enough. The electrical company had installed a new smart meter while we were away. I ordered the Meter Harmonizer, as well as new Harmonizers for our phone, router and my laptop. The symptoms started clearing up as soon as I installed these items. I won’t be without them now!  Rebekah- VA

"I’m super grateful for the whole house USB! When we moved states I didn’t know/ realize that there was so many 5G towers around. Where we moved from there wasn’t many. Shortly after I would get headaches for no reason, and feel weird. Couldn’t explain it, and I started researching. I got the whole house usb and what a difference! I started feeling normal and didn’t have the weird feeling or headaches anymore. My husband travels for work, and he can tell a difference when he’s gone. He starts feeling real crappy and gets headaches etc.

working on gathering more products, because they really work!"

"We love the Car neutralizer. It stays in there and I am confident we are protected everywhere we drive!"
"For me the necklace pendant is one of my favorites. It protects me everywhere I go."
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