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At One Stop EMF Protection I have put together the best of the best but the products and how to use them can be confusing, especially if I have similar products from different companies. Under Home Protection, you will find I offer three options; today I am going to break down the differences so when it comes time to choose, you can make the best possible decision.

The Aulterra Plug/USB

The plug from Aulterra was my first love. You will notice that it comes in two forms: a plug or USB version but both work the same. The Aulterra plug simply goes right into a working outlet. I have seen videos where people open them up and claim there is nothing inside and they are right. There are not any “guts” in the USB version or the plug version. There is a special glue infused with a proprietary blend of rare-earth paramagnetic minerals found straight from the earth that neutralizes the negative effects of EMF’s on the human body.  It uses electricity and the wiring throughout the home to circulate the bioresonance created by these rare earth minerals. The neutralization of these EMF’s can greatly enhance the environment in which you work, play, and live with loved ones with no adverse side effects.

A Few Things to Know About the Aulterra Plug/USB

The plug works best to take care of the ambient or dirty electricity circulating in and out of your home. However, anything that is transmitting and receiving (think anything with an antenna) like a router, smart TV, phone, baby monitors, etc need something more like a harmonizer. The plug is not going to fully protect you from these items but things that are plugged in using basic electricity will calm down. So a router has a plug and that part of the router would be taken care of but the antenna that is transmitting will need something more. Not to say it is not doing something, but something more directly on a router is needed.

Overall, the plug is a great and budget friendly way to calm the energy down in one’s home, but I do suggest other forms of protection for things like your phone or router. Most people do choose the plug because it is a cheaper option to begin with and even though they might need additional forms of protection, it seems to be the most cost-effective way to get started, which is one of the reasons why I offer it.

The Home Protection System from EMF Harmony

EMF Harmony offers two protection kits that basically do the same thing.

The new Carbon Home protection works just like the original one but is using carbon which holds a larger frequency.

When you install either one of the EMF Kits from EMF Harmony kits in your home, you are creating an EMF-free zone with a series of carbon plates that you place in various rooms to protect your home from the EMF radiation that is emanating from your wireless devices and 5G technology.

Not only do these kits protect you against the EMF’s from inside the residence, they will also safeguard you from the EMFs that are sourced from outside the residence too! Cell phone towers, power lines, digital billboards, even your neighbors’ wi-fi routers and servers from next door.

Each kit contains one large carbon plate and a number of smaller plates, 4, 7, 10, or 13, depending on the kit you choose to purchase. The kit you select should be based on the amount of square footage you want to protect from EMF radiation. The plates come with adhesive backings so you can place the main plate and the smaller plates in the locations that work best for protecting yourself, your family, and your co-workers.

These plates have been infused with a proprietary bioresonance energetic information that offers an infinite source of bioenergetic frequencies that work in two ways, to both harmonize the negative, harmful energies in the EMF radiation and strengthen the body’s biofield at the cellular level.

No, these plates do not block EMFs, otherwise your wireless devices and connectivity networks would cease to function properly - and then what good would this technology be since we rely so heavily on those devices and networks through our daily routines.

This is a more complete system that will cover everything in your home without the extra harmonizing of individual products, but it is on one. Would I cover the router or the smart Tv on top of the EMF Harmony home kit? The products are meant to work synergistically, and I personally like the idea of layering protection, but it is not necessary. It really is up to you at that point. However, being that your phone is something we carry on us, I always suggest harmonizing your phone as well as wearing a wearable.


First, people might be reluctant to use EMF protection if it meant their wireless devices stopped working correctly. But the real reason these items harmonize EMF radiation instead of blocking it is because with both companies the proprietary bioresonance technology works on a quantum level but goes about it differently.

That means the particles in the bioenergetic frequencies that are coming from the plates, or the plug are so microscopic and lack the structural integrity to physically block the negative energies in the EMF radiation. Instead, the bioenergetic frequencies in our EMF protection kits work to harmonize the energy in the EMF’s, reducing the damaging effects of the electromagnetic radiation. Think of noise canceling headphones. In the end, the EMF radiation is far less harmful, and you can still use your smartphone, laptop, whatever you rely on throughout your daily routine.


Things to Keep in Mind When Making the Decision Which Home system to purchase

When deciding, efficacy really isn’t the issue. Both systems work great but are used differently; one is complete and the other needs additional harmonizing of other gadgets. Pricing also plays an important role and in the end that is up to the person making the purchase. If one can afford the price tag of EMF Harmony’s complete system I would go for it. But if keeping on a budget is a priority, the Aulterra Plug/USB is a great place to start. I am happy to help guide everyone towards the best and most cost-effective solutions.


I hope this helps; please drop any comments on the FB post if you have additional questions or shoot me a message anytime.

You can check out all Home Protection products here: House Protection | My Site (

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