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Going on Vacation and ways to stay protected from EMFs!

Going on Vacation should not be a source of stress when it comes to staying safe from EMFs. So, what are some things we should have on hand and how can we utilize them?

Aulterra (Medium) Pillow: They are extremely powerful and will help greatly with jet lag. You can also put it right on top of a router if you are in an Airbnb that has one. You can put them on top of anything that is super powerful but most importantly they are a great asset on plane rides. You do not need to buy an extra for traveling (unless you would like to). We take the ones we keep in our beds with us.

A whole house plug: You can have one you travel with or take the one in your home (just don't leave it behind). It does take some time to circulate but it will definitely help with the ambient emfs. You can also use it to stick into a router if you do not have a pillow, but it would have to be the USB version and not the plug version.

Car plug: A must if you rent a car. Just use the one you already have or purchase an extra if you travel a ton.

Wearables or even the mini pillows: It is always great to have something on us to add to the layering effect. It is not easy to neutralize everything around us so having something on our bodies will help negate whatever we cannot neutralize. Whether it is a pendant, bracelet or a mini mini pillow, they will guarantee you are getting that extra protection.

Do NOT Stress: So often we stress about what we can not control and that causes us to invite things in. Do what you can, avoid what you can, and try your best to not stress about it.

Hope this helps!

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