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The Aulterra™ Whole House USB and Plug neutralizes EMF’s coming from all electrical devices plugged into the inside or outside of the home and ambient EMF’s coming in from outside the home.


The Aulterra™ Whole House EMF Neutralizer contains a proprietary blend of compound made up of paramagnetic minerals found straight from the earth that neutralizes the negative effects of household EMF’s on the human body. The neutralization of these EMF’s can greatly enhance the environment in which you work, play, and live with loved ones with no adverse side effects.

  • Neutralizes 5G EMF’s in your home or office.
  • Will cover up to 5,000 sq ft – single or multi-story.
  • Uses no electricity.
  • Neutralizes all electronics that are plugged in. Anything that transmits and receives could use a sticker as the antenna on most gadgets are not connected to the wiring.
  • Utilizes your house’s wiring to neutralize ambient EMF radiation coming in from outside the home.
  • Will last a lifetime if taken care of.
  • Most people notice a difference within a couple of days.
  • USB only - This needs and adaptor to go into the wall and NOT a power strip. Since it’s a USB, it can be put into a router, computer, basically anything with a USB port but it will ONLY neutralize that item. By putting into the wall, that’s how you will neutralize the home.
  • More than one meter, another USB is needed. Each should be plugged into an outlet connected to each meter.
  • The light does not light up.

Whole House EMF Neutralizer (USB or Plug)

SKU: 0002
  • The Aulterra™ Whole House EMF Neutralizer is the Only
    Product that NEUTRALIZES Harmful Effects of EMF

    Aulterra Neutralizers do not block, remove, or absorb EMF radiation. That is one of the most unique features of how our products work and why they work so well.

    A EMF/Gauss meter will not show less magnetic fields. Again, Aulterra Neutralizers do not block, absorb, or remove EMF’s. In fact, if you were to ‘block’ or remove EMF’s then you are blocking or removing the frequency waves in which your wifi electronics rely on and your electronics would not perform well, if at all.

    Aulterra products, including the Car EMF Neutralizer, use a propriety blend of highly paramagnetic earth minerals that emit a strong coherent frequency that ‘neutralize’ the incoherent manmade EMF’s emitting from electronics, wireless devices and WiFi signals, etc. EMF’s are a bi-product of the energy produced by various electronic devices and Wi-Fi signals. Aulterra EMF Neutralizing products change that ‘bi-product’ or manmade incoherent EMF wave into a coherent EMF wave making those EMF’s no longer harmful to biological DNA.

    We have a vast body of Peer Reviewed research including Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy on our website that shows the effectiveness of Aulterra Neutralizing products.

    Note: USB adapter is not included with the Whole Car EMF Neutralizer. We are working on making them available for your convenience but for now you can purchase a USB adapter at any electronics store and most convenience stores or you can find them on Amazon.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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