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EMF Radiation Protection for Gas, Electric & Hybrid Cars and How We Can Protect Ourselves

Updated: Mar 3

by Martin Grosjean with additional info by Gina Caplan

You have probably heard about and have seen advertisements for Tesla and Prius

electric and hybrid cars. It has been estimated that by 2040, more than half of all new car sales will be electric vehicles. This will help the world shift away from fossil fuels that contribute to pollution and global warming. But what are the health risks from the electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) emitted by electric and partially electric (hybrid) cars?

Fortunately, there is a way you can protect yourself and your family from radiation risks while moving boldly into the future of electric cars. EMF Harmony has developed a proprietary technology that neutralizes the effects of low frequency radiation from electric vehicles so that you can have complete EMF protection while driving your energy efficient car.


Do electric cars give off radiation? Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation is emitted from every electronic device’s battery and circuitry – and that includes electric and hybrid cars. Radio Frequency (RF) radiation is emitted from cell phones, modems and other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless devices – including many of the electronics in an electric vehicle. It has been documented in many scientific studies that EMF radiation – both ELF and RF – can cause adverse health consequences even at low levels.

The pervasiveness of electronic devices and wireless signals and their constant, long-term use is what concerns many scientists. The closer you are to sources of EMF radiation and the longer / more often you are exposed to them, the greater the chances of potential health damage.

As Joel Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California Berkeley explains, much of the research about health effects related to EMF exposure in electric and hybrid vehicles has been industry funded and so potentially biased, yet some peer-reviewed studies have found that exposure to EMF radiation in electric cars does have biological effects.

He goes on to state that electric vehicles could potentially be considered carcinogenic since they emit higher levels of ELF radiation than would be considered safe by many scientists. is an organization of scientists that recognizes the dangers of EMF radiation, and they are calling on government entities around the world to protect consumers’ health.


All vehicles, whether electric or conventional gas powered, will emit some level of EMF. The concern with Tesla (and all electric automobiles) is that the construction increases the driver’s and passengers’ radiation exposure. Tesla cars and other hybrid or fully electric vehicles (EVs) use battery packs that store electrical energy to run the motor, with electric circuitry all around the car.

Tesla integrates the battery pack, power inverter, charger and other electronic parts into various areas within the car. The lithium-ion batteries, which have high energy density, are under the car’s bottom frame. All of these will contribute to Tesla electromagnetic radiation emissions, most especially the inverter, which is a high emitter of EMFs.


A 2016 study found that the magnetic field from hybrid and electric cars was 0.6 to 3.5 uT (microtesia – a measurement of magnetic field strength), while a gas-powered vehicle measured 0.4 to 0.6 uT. Though at the time this was within regulated exposure limits, many scientists question whether the current regulations are appropriate to safeguard health, especially over the long term.

And of course, e-car technology continues to advance with more and stronger sources of EMFs, and we constantly add more and more wireless gadgets to our lives that we “can’t live without”.

In addition to the ELF that is emitted from the electric battery and power system in an EV, there is additional electromagnetic radiation that adds to your exposure. Sources of these include button starters, built-in cellular capability and WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices, automobile alarms, and other dashboard controls.


There is not much you can do to reduce your exposure level from electric vehicle ELF radiation, because if the EV is operating, there will always be some amount of radiation emitted. There are a few things you can do to reduce your RF radiation exposure, but the only way to fully protect yourself from EV radiation is to neutralize its effects.

Here are the things you can do to make your electric or hybrid vehicle safer:

  • Minimize the use of electronic Wi-Fi/Bluetooth devices while in the car

  • Turn off your car’s cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth systems if possible

  • Put your cell phone in airplane mode, or at least minimize making or taking calls while in your e-car

  • Use an EMF protection product on all gadgets so if you need to use the gadgets, your body will have the ability to stay in balance. HOW CAN I USE THE PROTECTS AT ONE STOP EMF PROTECTION TO PROTECT ME WHILE IN THE CAR?

At there are a variety of ways to tackle any car, whether it is a gas, hybrid or electric. If you’re concerned about the amounts of EMF radiation that you’re exposed to daily, our proprietary bio-energetic technology is the best solution. Unlike EMF shielding products that block electromagnetic fields completely, the Harmonizer Car neutralizes EMF radiation at a sub-atomic level while also providing support to the body for optimal health in the presence of radiation. Here are some choices below:

  • The USB is a small USB that sticks right into an USB port in the car. This was my first love when I found EMF protection. The car had been a hairy spot for me for a while: headaches, anxiety, road rage. As soon as I plugged this beauty in all of that stopped. Some downfalls are that it use to break easily but the new design has made that less likely. The other downfall is with the newer cars, they seem to be eliminating the USB port. The new car I received in February proved that, so I had to eliminate the USB and move on to the car plate.

  • You can find the USB here: Whole Car EMF Neutralizer (USB) | My Site (

  • EMF HARMONY has two Car Plates. Recently they have been incorporating carbon into their newest technology, so I opted for the Carbon Car Plate verse their regular Car Plate and it did not disappoint. The energy coming off is amazing and I feel great. The only issue I had was when I peeled it to stick on a part of my car, It kept falling. There is a vent holder for it but I decided to grab a command strip and use that to hold it in place and it worked perfectly. Only one of these are needed for a gas car but two are suggested for a Hybrid or Electric Car. You can find the Car plates and vent here:




  • The newest additional to the Car protection is the EMF HARMONY ECAR which is made for hybrid and electronic cars. Very powerful and would be over the top of a regular gas car but for the Hybrid and Electric, this is perfect.

You can find protection for Hybrid and Electric Cars here:

All car protection offered at One Stop neutralizes the energetic frequencies of EMF radiation that can cause health problems, protecting you from both the car electronics as well as the EMFs coming from outside the vehicle. It is one of the few EMF protection products available that is designed specifically for automobiles, and it is particularly useful for electric and hybrid cars.


While the car harmonizers will take care of the pretty much everything going on in the car, there is a few things I would also suggest including when traveling in your car. Keep in mind all the products work synergistically or together.

If you decide to keep the WI-FI on in the car I suggest the Harmonizer Ultra wherever it is coming from. Mine was coming off the large screen in the car. I normally harmonize that part of the car but this time I used the Harmonizer Ultra to take care of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. While I do not keep the Wi-Fi on, I do keep the Bluetooth on and enjoy the extra protection.

You can find that here:

Something to keep in mind about the Wi-Fi on in the car is its basically like being under a router and is very strong. While the only thing that really calmed it down was the harmonizer ultra combined with car protection, I do not suggest leaving it on.

In addition, having your phone harmonized and a wearable on your person are key for general protection. If you wanted to take it a step further in the car, an Aulterra Pillow or the grounding sheet on the car seat are other great ways to layer protection. I also keep one of the 5G capsule keychains on my keyring.

You can find these items here:

For all your EMF needs you can find everything at ONESTOPEMFPROTECTION.COM

If you have any questions, you can shoot me a message on FB, Email, or send me a Text Message.

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