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Create an EMF protected safe zone in your car, protecting from EMFs coming from inside & outside. Gas cars use 1 per car, hybrid & electric 2 per car.


This is the the NEW & INNOVATIVE CARBON+


We’ve been making EMF protection products for the past 20 years and now we’ve innovated our best-selling EMF Harmonizer Car to be made of energized carbon. Why carbon? Not only is carbon a sleek, efficient holder of energy, it has natural grounding properties, making it an even more robust tool for your healthy lifestyle. 


Benefits of Carbon+ Car EMF Harmonizer:

  • Neutralizes all forms of EMF radiation coming from gas, hybrid, and electric cars
  • Supports your health and well-being as you're exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted by your vehicle and coming from outside the vehicle
  • Lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, and grounding carbon
  • Dual-protection bio-energetic technology proven to work
  • Thin 2" x 3" plate with optional adhesive backing
  • Can be removed and reused in another car 


$99.00 Regular Price
$79.20Sale Price

    • Protects against harmful effects of EMF radiation coming from inside and outside your car
    • Works on gas, hybrid, and electric cars
    • Lightweight, scratch-resistant, energized carbon
    • 2" x 3"

    The Carbon+ Car EMF Harmonizer is the latest in EMF protection technology for cars from our sister brand Life Harmony Energies. It works to neutralize harmful radiation coming from the electronics within your car, as well as from outside your car. Simply place the 2" x 3" carbon plate face-up in the driver's area - either under the driver's seat, on the steering column, dashboard, or on the console.

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