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The feet contain reflex points for all areas of the body. Using Happy Souls bathes these points in energy, affecting the corresponding organs and body areas. As the energy works its way up from the feet, it opens the meridians in the legs and up into the body. Individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet - policemen firemen, nurses, doctors, teachers, athletes, and waitresses - will enjoy our Happy Souls. Tachyonized Happy Souls benefit individuals with poor circulation, which is an issue in diabetes, and those with Multiple Sclerosis, polio, stroke, or anyone having difficulty with balance or walking.

WOMEN'S - Happy Souls - Energize and Heal


    The gray side is made of tightly woven cotton, and is the appropriate side to wear towards the feet. The blue side is made of Poron which is a great shock absorber and highly effective against foot odors and fungus.

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