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Manifest inner and outer success with our energized gemstone bracelet. Sunny citrine graces your wrist while lifting you up energetically, helping you accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams. Includes 3-day ritual instructions & tips to enhance the effects.

Success Bracelelt

$139.00 Regular Price
$111.20Sale Price
  • Wouldn’t it be great to go through life feeling like, “Yeah… I got this.” You can. You just need the right energy. With the Success Bracelet, your energy flows into a higher state so you can move confidently forward in the direction of your dreams. The Success Bracelet is made with 3 specific energies that can truly help you manifest the kind of success you long for:

    1. Inner Confidence - so you can recognize your talents and trust in yourself and your abilities, and have more joy.

    2. Outer Success - so you feel empowered to take action in a meaningful way.

    3. Body Protection - so you're protected from negative energetic influences of all kinds.

    When you wear these supercharged citrine gemstones, you receive powerful energetic frequencies that amplify your manifesting power because you're embodying the very energy it takes to manifest the kind of success you long for.

    • Citrine gemstones, silver-rhodium plated - begins shipping Nov. 14
    • 7" and 8" lengths
    • Includes 3-day ritual instructions & tips to enhance the effects.
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