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EMF protection has never been more important because we’re surrounded by EMF emitting devices no matter where we are:

  • Outside your home: power lines, cell phone towers, smart meters, and electric cars.
  • In your home: microwave, TV, WiFi router, laptop
  • Your gadgets: cell phones, 5G, wireless earbuds, smart watches, fitness trackers 

The Pure Light Cuff is made with our dual-level EMF protection technology and proven to work. 

You’ll love wearing it everywhere. It can go from the coffee shop to work meetings to date night. You’ll wear it because it’s beautiful, yes, but you won’t ever want to leave home without it because you know your body and health are getting the best EMF protection from dangerous EMF radiation of all kinds - including 5G.

Pure. Powerful. Stunningly elegant EMF protection. 

One size fits all.

Pure Light Cuff

  • Q. What does the Pure Light Cuff do?
    A. The Pure Light Cuff is made with specific energetic frequencies that neutralize harmful EMF radiation you're exposed to. It defends and protects your health from EMFs radiating into your body from man-made EMFs coming from modern-day technology like cell phones, laptops, WiFi, 5G, wireless earbuds, smart watches, fitness trackers, smart meters, power lines, electric cars, etc.

    Q. How does the Pure Light Cuff work?
    A. Our dual-level EMF protection technology works in two ways:

    First, it directly neutralizes dangerous EMF radiation you're exposed to so it's no longer stressful to your health.

    Second, it adapts to your energetic needs. As the bracelet encircles your wrist, the energy it holds spreads through your meridian system and circulates throughout your body. Your body receives beneficial energy and your cells receive invigorating biophotons which further support your health.

    Q. Does this cuff contain any additional energies?
    A. Yes. It also contains:
    1) Energy for additional energetic support to defend against EMF radiation
    2) Energy for grounding to the earth's energy
    3) Energy for augmenting negative ions that support a balanced energy state
    4) Energy for far infrared rays to vitalize cells and support healthy physiological functioning

    Q. How long will the energy in my jewelry last?
    A. Its energy will last indefinitely. It does not wear out or need to be recharged.

    Q. Can I use my bracelet with other Life Harmony Energies products?
    A. Yes! Feel free to use it with any of the other LHE products, including jewelry, home harmonizers, sprays, or energy therapy discs or pearls. If you're using multiple energy stories (e.g. Health & Harmony, No Worries, My Way, etc.) we recommend starting with no more than 3 at a time, and if that feels good then add up to one more for a total of 4 at once.

    Q. How do I care for my jewelry?
    A. Use a soft polishing cloth to clean and a soft paper towel to dry if it gets wet. To preserve the luster of your jewelry and to prevent tarnish as much as possible, please follow these guidelines:
    + Do not immerse in water.
    + Please remove when swimming or in the shower and avoid exposing to significant amounts of moisture or perspiration.
    + Avoid exposure to sunscreen, perfume, cosmetics, household bleach, and other strong chemicals like alcohol which can wear away the finish over time.


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