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The EMF Harmonizer Mobility anti-emf wristband supports your health and well-being as you are exposed to the ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation in today’s environment. While driving, shopping, or traveling, in your home, office, or school, you will meet with EMFs emitted by many sources – from your cell phone and wireless devices, from WiFi routers, from cell phone towers, and from countless other sources. The Mobility wrist band will support your body against the negative effects of all these EMF’s. It is effective for cell phone, WiFi, and all forms of EMFs.


The Mobility is a stylish accessory with a leather band and a stainless-steel magnetic clasp. It is attractive enough to wear at work or out at night, but durable enough to wear when sporting or working in the garden.




    • Water resistant so it won't be damaged when washing hands, dishes, etc.
    • Comfortable enough to wear while sleeping
    • Easy to clean with water and a mild detergent
    • Three sizes to fit all wrists:
      • Small - 7.5 inch circumference
      • Medium - 8.1 inch circumference
      • Large - 8.9 inch circumference
  • Additional Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the difference between the Mobility wristband and the Mobility+ bracelet?  The difference is in the style and in the energy of each. The Mobility+ bracelet is a little dressier and more formal, and the Mobility wristband is a little more casual. Both contain the same EMF protection energy of our dual-level technology, and the Mobility+ bracelet has four extra energy elements which provide additional energetic support for the body's health, as described on the Mobility+ product page.

      Both provide excellent EMF protection, so it is primarily a question of which style you prefer and whether you want the added health support of the four energy elements in the Mobility+.
    • Is this an EMF blocking wrist band?  This EMF protection wristband is not an emf blocker bracelet, it instead provides energetic support to your body while neutralizing the emf radiation that you are exposed to, thereby minimizing its harmful health effects. It is not possible for an EMF protection wristband to block electromagnetic radiation, so neutralizing and supporting is the only "EMF shield" that works.

      So it is an anti radiation EMF protection wrist band, in that it supports your health from any EMF's you encounter from any source, but it is not an EMF blocker wristband, which is good because your electronic devices will continue to function normally (if it was blocking EMF's then your cell phone and other wireless devices would not function). Please see the How page on our website for details on how the technology works, and the Research page for studies demonstrating its effectiveness.

    Old Style: The Mobility wristband used to be a different style made of silicon rubber in black and white colors, but this style has been discontinued. Since the new style is not appropriate for children, we recommend the EMF Harmonizer Kid's Band instead.

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