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Moon-inspired EMF charm

The Luna Crescent Charm, when paired with a Luna Bracelet is your daily guardian, made with our dual-level EMF protection technology that's proven to work. All you need to do is start wearing it to defend and support your health in the presence of dangerous EMFs of all kinds.

Please note: the charm will not provide adequate EMF protection on its own and must be paired with a Luna Bracelet.

EMF protection has never been more important because you're surrounded by EMF emitting devices no matter where you are: 

  • Outside your home: power lines, cell phone towers, smart meters, and hybrid/electric cars
  • Inside your home: microwave, TV, WiFi router, laptops
  • Your gadgets: cell phones, 5G, wireless earbuds, smart watches, fitness trackers

Luna Crescent - EMF Charm

  • A celestial-inspired masterpiece fused with world-class EMF technology. Crafted with a captivating curve inspired by the crescent moon, this charm exudes modernity and elegance. When paired with a Luna EMF Bracelet, it’s not just jewelry—it’s a statement of style, functionality, and peace of mind:

    • Defends and protects your health from EMFs radiating into your body coming from modern-day technology, including 5G
    • Proven dual-protection EMF technology that neutralizes harmful EMFs AND supports your cells to better handle the stress of daily EMF exposure
    • Intended to be paired with the Luna Link Bracelet - the charm will not provide adequate EMF protection on its own
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