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Our Grounding Sheet with silver protects you from negative energetic influences (especially while traveling) and keeps you rooted to earth’s energy field which is absolutely essential for maintaining your health and wellbeing.

  • Energetically reconnects you to the earth's energy field
  • Folds up and fits into included pouch so it's easy to take with you
  • Made with un-dyed organic cotton silver strands interwoven into the fabric

Grounding Sheet with Silver

    • 18x18"
    • Un-dyed organic cotton with silver threads interwoven and infused with bio-resonance energies
    • Insert inside your pillow case to stay grounded while you sleep
    • Sit on it while meditating
    • Tuck into a cushion and use as a seat pad while working, relaxing, or in the car
    • Place it on certain body zones to help recuperate after physical activity or injury
  • Size. 18"x18"

    Materials. Un-dyed organic cotton with silver threads interwoven and infused with bioresonance energies.

    Cleaning & Care. The Grounding Sheet is not machine washable. You may hand wash gently with natural laundry soap. Or simply wipe with a damp cloth. Lay flat or hang in the sun to dry. The Grounding Sheet must never be dried in a conventional dryer that is connected to electricity.

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