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The EMF Harmonizer Apple Watchband offers EMF protection from your Apple Watch radiation and supports your health against the harmful effects of other EMF's that you encounter as you move around in the world, including WiFi, cell phones, and all forms of EMF's.


This powerful watchband offers two levels of protection:


    • Harmonizes the EMF's from your Apple Watch to minimize their damaging effects on your health
    • Offers the same overall protection as our EMF protection bracelets, supporting your body against any electromagnetic radiation that you come into contact with from any source


    You are constantly exposed to your Apple Watch radiation and it is of course directly on your body for long periods, so protecting yourself is important! If you are concerned about Apple Watch radiation protection you can enjoy the convenience of your wireless connected watch without worrying about the damaging health effects of the radiation in your Apple Watch. The watchband is not an Apple Watch radiation blocker, it simply neutralizes the harmful energy from the watch and other sources of EMF's, so your watch continues to operate normally.



    • Made of soft silicon rubber with a small metal clip, both of which have been imprinted with the bio-energetic information of the EMF Harmony technology.
    • Completely waterproof and may be worn in the shower, bath, swimming, etc.
    • Durable and easy to clean, just wash with warm soap and water.
    • Comfortable enough to wear while sleeping.



    The EMF Harmonizer Apple Watchband will fit any series of the Apple Watch, you need only determine the attachment width of your watch (38, 40, 41, 42, 44 or 45 mm) and the appropriate length (small / medium or medium / large). The sizes are as follows:

    • 38/40/41 mm S/M: suitable for 5.7"~8.35" (145~212 mm) wrist
    • 38/40/41 mm M/L: suitable for 6.7"~8.27" (170~210 mm) wrist
    • 42/44/45 mm S/M: suitable for 6.3"~7.87" (160~200 mm) wrist
    • 42/44/45 mm M/L: suitable for 6.1"~8.97" (155~228 mm) wrist



    The watchband comes in two different style of closures, a buckle style and a snap style. We are transitioning from the buckle to the snap style and ultimately all sizes and colors will be the snap style. At this time they are as follows:

    • Snap Style => 38/40/41 S/M Black & White, 38/40/41 M/L Black & White, 42/44/45 M/L Black, 42/44/45 S/M Black & White
    • Buckle Style => 42/44/45 M/L White


    $89.00 Regular Price
    $71.20Sale Price
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