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  • Protects your entire home or apartment against harmful EMF radiation coming from the technology you use every day.
  • Works on EMFs coming from outside your home, too, like cell phone towers, neighbors' Wi-Fi routers, nearby power lines, and geopathic stress.
  • Better than blocking. Devices continue to work normally since it doesn't block EMFs but instead neutralizes the radiation.
  • Balances negative and positive ions creating a high-vibe feeling in your home that feels good.
  • Can be used in offices and commercial settings also.


The Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit is the latest technology in whole house EMF protection from our sister brand Life Harmony Energies. It works to neutralize harmful radiation coming from the most powerful EMF-emitting devices within your home: cell phones (including 5G enabled devices), WiFi routers & extenders, induction cooktops, laptops, iPads, smart home hubs, microwave ovens, conventional electrical wiring, and more.


One kit protects a home served by a single fuse box and consists of:

  • One carbon plate (2" x 3") to place on the inside of the fuse box door.
  • Several smaller carbon plates (2.25" x .5") to place on outlet covers around the home (how many depends on the size of the area to be covered - see below).
  • Adhesive backing allows you to easily adhere them. 



If you have access to the fuse box, add up the total amount of square footage the fuse box services and order as follows:

  • Kit 1500 – up to 1,500 sq. ft. (1 large & 4 small plates)
  • Kit 2600 – from 1,500 to 2,600 ft. (1 large & 7 small plates)
  • Kit 3700 – from 2,600 to 3,700 ft. (1 large & 10 small plates)
  • Kit 4800 – from 3,700 to 4,800 ft. (1 large & 13 small plates)

To calculate the correct square footage, add up all the area serviced by the fuse box even if you aren't using those areas. Include every room, basement, attic, garage, outbuildings, etc. that are serviced by your electricity. The Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit works by harmonizing the entire electrical network throughout the total area covered by the fuse box. If you have an area larger than 4,800 square feet, you'll need to purchase one of the Home Harmonizer Singles for each additional 400 square feet.


If you DO NOT have access to the fuse box, you will purchase a number of Harmonizer Singles based on the size of the area to be covered:

  • Up to 1,000 sq. ft. – purchase four Singles
  • For each additional 375 sq. ft. – purchase one additional Single

Carbon Home Kit

$429.00 Regular Price
$343.20Sale Price
    • Provides you with much needed protection against the negative health effects of the EMF radiation from 5G technology, as well as older cell phone technology, WiFi routers, smart meters, wireless appliances, and even EMF’s from conventional electric power and geopathic stress.
    • Works on EMF’s coming from outside the protected space as well, such as your neighbors’ WiFi routers or nearby power lines and cell phone towers.
    • Not an EMF blocker, so the wireless devices in your home or office continue to operate normally. The system neutralizes the EMF radiation and provides support to the bodies of everyone within the protected area.
    • Restores a natural balance of positive and negative ions, helping to remove unhealthy pollutants from the air. The additional negative ions will cause ultra-fine particles (dust, pollen, smoke, dander, air pollution) to bind together and fall to the floor instead of remaining in the air for you to breathe into your lungs. This ion balance will also give the area a better overall "energy", similar to the good feeling you get when you are out in nature.
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