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Onyx beads infused with 4 bio-resonance energies for feeling peace, joie de vivre, and more connected to your intuition. Have a sense that all is well and know things are happening for your highest good.


Slow down, friend. Life has you rushing around and spinning your wheels, going a thousand miles an hour in a million different directions all at once. Yet, there's something inside you wanting your attention. Something in the center of your being, calling you home – to come back, be still, and know.

Know what, you may be wondering? Inside you is a deep chord of peace. When life gets hectic, you can forget it’s there. When you slow down, relax, and get still, you can know it again. This bracelet reconnects you to the grounding energy of the Earth and plugs you into your inner knowing so you can remember who you really are… a wise and balanced being in a miraculous body capable of greatness. 

Be still. And know.


Men's Size is the Large and has the different look. 

Be Still & Know Energy Bracelet

  • There are four energies within this beautiful bracelet:

    Spiritual Balance.
    Brings your mind and soul into harmony, which strengthens your perception and intuition. In this way you gain access to your inner voice - your gut feeling. Recognize the right time, make the right decision, find the right people for your life plan - all made possible when your mental and spiritual balance is in equilibrium.

    Brings the earth’s inherent, natural energy into your biofield for greater stability and harmony. When we’re ungrounded we’re like a tree without its roots – we don’t have the firmness of the earth to keep us steady, so we’re easily blown around (or knocked over) in the winds of life. This energy anchors your roots into the steady and loving embrace of Mother Earth.

    A German word (pronounced froyda), which we don’t translate because there isn’t one English word that describes it perfectly. Some possible translations are joy, pleasure, delight, happiness, and gladness. The purpose of the freude energy is to provide an emotional centering for your biofield from which other changes are more easily made. Your energy is lifted into a happier place where you feel lighter, more positive, and more balanced.

    Body Protection.
    To safeguard you from negative energy in your environment. You’ll always run across bad energy as you move around in the world - from other people, from places you go, from artificial sources like EMF radiation, to name a few. Everything in the world has energy, and you want only the positive to enter your biofield, so you can rely on Body Protection energy to shield you from the negative energetic influences you come into contact with.

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