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The Aulterra Energy Pillar Pendant is designed with the same effective rare-earth mineral blend as the original Energy Pendant. Aulterra utilizes a revolutionary solution based on its patented paramagnetic rare earth element technology to enhance vital energy flow while eliminating the harmful effects of EMF radiation in and around the body.

The Pillar Pendant is made with stainless steel infused with Aulterra’s proprietary rare-earth paramagnetic mineral formula.  By correcting the carcinogenic effect of positive Ionic direction, the Pillar Pendant provides many benefits beyond enhancing vital energy flow, including:

  • Restructuring of the Bio-field to its natural state.
  • Promotes balance of the body meridians.
  • Neutralizes EMF radiation from internal body systems, restoring the natural unwinding and rewinding of DNA.
  • Retunes ambient EMFs in and around the body.

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF radiation, enhance your bio-field, and so much more with this beautiful pendant.

Aulterra Pillar Energy Pendant

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