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There’s nothing like the feeling of smooth, supple skin that lasts all day long. Our body spray is light and natural, and infused with our bioresonance energies so don’t be surprised if you catch your skin smiling.

Ageless Body Spray

  • Ageless Body Spray is light, non-greasy, and quickly absorbed, leaving your skin feeling super silky with an all-over gentle glow. We meticulously sourced super-ingredients from nature that work deep magic on your skin: astaxanthin and hyaluaronic acid keep skin well-hydrated and looking younger longer, mahonia root extract calms, soothes, and helps protects skin from the damaging effects of sun damage, and squalene from unripe olives makes skin silky. Plus our bioresonance energies are in every single drop - making your skin so happy you’ll never go back.

    • Energizes your skin cells, revitalizing their mitochondria, considered the key to skin health and anti-aging
    • Regulates the moisture balance of the skin
    • Has a visually smoothing and firming effect
    • Mixture of noble and harmonizing oils deeply support skin’s health
    • Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, very dry, and mature skin
    • 100% natural and vegan. Meets European Union standards for natural cosmetics and confirmed by cosmetic analysis to contain NO parabens, microplastics, artificial colors, chemical UV filters, chemical preservatives, radioactive irradiation, silicon, PEG (polyethylene glycols), or mineral oil.
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