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What Harmonizers work best and how to choose the ones that work best for your needs!

Today we are going to look at the many options I have available that can protect us when exposed to laptops, routers, smart meters, gaming systems, phones, and basically anything that is transmitting and receiving.

When you visit you will find there are many varieties of things that basically do the same thing and there is a good reason for this. I like to offer my customers the best on the market, but I also want to keep in mind not everyone is on the same budget. Providing protection for everyone has always been my number one goal which is why I offer a variety of options at different price ranges. Through the years I have researched a variety of different brands; some very expensive and some on the cheaper side but at the end of the day I stuck with Aulterra and EMF Harmony because they have proven through various testing that not only do they work but worth every penny. Below I am going to break down the differences between the variety of harmonizers I have to offer, this way when you decide to protect yourself and your family from EMFs you can make a decision not just on what is working but what fits best in your budget.


The EMF Harmonizer+ is an EMF protection sticker to support your health as you are exposed to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cell phone, one of the most powerful EMF emitting devices in your environment. It works by harmonizing the damaging energy emanating from your phone, as well as by supporting your body against its harmful health effects. I have received rave reviews regarding the difference in the feel of the phone with just one. There is a bundle price and they are reusable.

 Price starts at 79 with bundling options: You can learn more about this one here: EMF HARMONIZER+ FOR CELL PHONES | My Site (


The Harmonizer Ultra is designed for the most powerful emitters of EMF radiation in your life - those that broadcast over a wide area or that emit a large amount of EMF's. This is a great harmonizer that I would suggest for the Smart Meter or any Router. It was made for extremely powerful devices, and it is reusable and withstands things like rain and wind well. This does run on the higher side, starting at 99. If this fits into your budget go for it!

 Price starts at 99 with bundling options: You can learn more about them here: EMF PROTECTION DEVICE FOR SMART AND ROUTERS | My Site (


This is the standard harmonizer for iPad, laptops, baby monitors, microwaves, etc. One is normally needed. I would not suggest these for cell phones as the energy was made specially for wireless devices and not cell phones, router, or smart meter.

 Price starts at 59 with bundling options: To learn more click here: EMF HARMONIZER FOR WIRELESS DEVICES | My Site (

Carbon+EMF Harmonizer Chip

This is a newer one from EMF Harmony and I really like these for the laptops, iPad, and gaming systems. One is enough for the gadgets I mentioned, and they are reusable. This differences from the basic wireless neutralizer that is a bit cheaper but the carbons were designed to hold a stronger frequency. If this is something that fits into your budget, I would highly suggest this for the items I mentioned above over the standard wireless device. I think the carbon was a great addition to EMF Harmonies line and feel this product is very strong.

Price starts at 89 with bundling options: You can learn more about them here: Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip | My Site (


My most affordable option. I like these for cell phones, microwaves, baby monitors, extenders, fire stick, and some of the higher emitting kitchen appliances like ovens. These are NOT REUSABLE. I had someone recently reach out and say their phone was bothering them and they had 3 on but after some questions about placement, etc, she had transferred them from another device. The rare earth minerals that make Aulterra so special are infused using nano technology into the neutralizer and when they are peeled, stuck onto a device, and then removed and moved again, the minerals can get stuck onto the other device making the neutralizer not as strong.

When dealing with a cell phone, router, iPad, or any other high emitting device I would not use less than the entire pack. Technology has improved and things have gotten stronger so over the 5 years I have used Aulterra, I am finding more and more are needed. I have been told that 4-5 neutralizers have been needed on the newer phones before they felt relieve. These are personal experiences and of course everyone is different. If someone is suffering from lymes or another kind of acute illness, they tend to be more sensitive. That being said, if you can find someone to muscle test for you before purchasing to see how many are needed to keep your body in balance, I highly suggest that.

Price starts at a pack of 3 for 40: You can learn more about them here: Aulterra EMF Neutralizer – 3x Pack | My Site (


Here is a link to how the Technology works:

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