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True Frequency

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Telsa

I love adding new companies to my website that do what they say. True Frequency was sent to me by a member of my Facebook group. She had mentioned the products tested very well and that I should look into it, and I did. I spoke with the owner and liked what he had to say. I also liked that he had some things that I did not carry that I felt would benefit those who follow me. Here is a little bit on how these products work.


The earth’s frequency is our frequency. We are surrounded by man-made frequencies that interfere causing all types of issues such a fatigue, anxiety, and other health issues. To restore our own frequency, we can simply ground. Grounding helps us restore us back to our own earth’s frequency. For example, taking our shoes off and walking barefoot in the sand or dirt. However, that is not always possible. Products at True Frequency are tuned to the earth’s natural frequency. By wearing one of these products, it will cause a sympathetic resonance to our bodies- think of it as a tuning fork for your body.


The classic example is demonstrated with two tuning forks of the same frequency. If one is struck and then muted, the other tuning fork will be heard resonating at the same frequency. This can be said for these products. When our bodies encounter the sympathetic resonance, it reacts the same way by restoring our natural frequency which can protect you from EMFs and keeping our bodies in balance so our bodies can do what they were meant to do.

All of the products I offer work in a similar way but go about it differently. However, the end result is always the same: maintaining our own frequency, so our bodies stay in balance. Think of noise canceling headphones. The noise is still there but we can no longer hear it.

Some products I have added to my website from this company are the sleep, focus, and pain bracelets as well as rings which people seem to love! I will add more as the testing is completed.

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