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Finding balance in an imbalanced world

Trying to find a balance in this very imbalanced world is not always easy. Today I want to talk about how we can find a balance when dealing with EMFs. A great question I get often is: how far should you live from a cell tower or high-tension wires? Ideally, at least 2 miles. However, this is becoming an increasingly hard thing to do. Most towers are less than a half a mile from most residential areas. Keep in mind, most of us have routers right inside our homes so we are not escaping WIFI even if a tower is more than a mile away. If you were to take moment and count how many gadgets are in your home, not even taking in account dirty electricity coming off of the lights and large appliances, what we are being exposed to is a lot. Hard wiring is of course an option and reducing the amount of gadgets we are exposing ourselves too. But what can we do if we cannot fully escape? Neutralizing what we can and protecting ourselves. Here is a breakdown of how we can use the products offered here to help us balance the imbalances when it comes to EMFs:

Find what is transmitting and sticker it!

For starters, neutralize anything that is transmitting and receiving with an Aulterra sticker. Most gadgets do need more than one but just one will make a difference. For bigger items like a smart meter or router, I would suggest the EMF Harmony sticker specially made for these gadgets.

What do you have on YOU that is transmitting?

Apple Watch? Fit-Bit? Air-Pods? Get something on those items, especially if you are wearing them consistently. I feel like these items are worse than a cell phone because they are legit on your body. Luckily, I have something for each of these items. For more how they affect you, check out the blog on oxidative stress.

Get something on you!

Whether it is a pendant, bracelet, mini pillow, get something on you that protects your energy. The mini pillows can fit right in your pocket or bra. There are many different pendants and bracelets offered, some better for everyday and some better for a night on the town. Find one that resonates with you.

Your Home

  • A great item for neutralizing the dirty EMFS in your home is the Whole House usb or plug. Please keep in mind, a whole house will NOT take care of the WIFI. Those items need to be stickered. The whole house device will work with the wiring and take care of mostly everything plugged in but if something is plugged in, like a router, and has an antenna attached to transmit, that will not be covered which is why a sticker is needed.

  • Another great way to protect your home is to paint with the Aulterra powder. All you need is ¼ a cup per gallon. This will create a Zen bubble through our home, reduce anything coming in, and help transmute what is around you. The overall vibe is the best part; it is super calming. The powder is also great to put in the soles of your shoes for grounding.

  • Sleeping with the bigger Aulterra pillows is a great way to get some extra protection while providing comfort. The pillow is a great pain reliever and can be used to charge crystals.

The Car

The car is a hairy place, and it has gotten worse as technology has grown. Most cars have a tremendous amount of dirty electricity, but also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The best option is a Car usb and placing a stickering on those giant screens. Usually there is room to stick them right on the back. I also keep a pillow in my car for added protection and I keep the Wi-Fi off. I have tried a few things to completely neutralize the Wi-Fi in a car, but it took a lot. I would suggest just turning it off. If you have an electric car, I have something that works a bit better than the car usb. Just reach out as I have not added it to the website yet.

From the inside out

I recently teamed up with another company that provides protection not just on the outside but the inside as well. It is important we are keeping our bodies in balance with proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, and supplements. The most sensitive people are the ones who have a lot going on inside their bodies. I would suggest finding a holistic practitioner who can help bring the body back into balance and take a look at some of the new supplements added to my website.

The Aulterra powder can also be used to detoxify radiation and other things inside the body. I have also used it to shrink tumors on dogs or for skin issues with great success. Anything that needs to be taken internally, I suggest finding someone who can muscle test for the exact dosing. Not everything good for us is needed and I like to make sure I am giving my body what it needs.

Do Not Stress!

It is a shame the lengths we have to go to protect our energy; but there is a BALANCE we just need to find it. I am always here if you have questions and happy to work within your budget to get you the best possible protection. But promise me you will not stress because the stress from worrying is far worse than man-made EMFS!

Have a look at the items at or shoot me a message on FB or text at 732-616-6090.

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