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Energy Protecting Earrings? Could this be true...?

By Gina Caplan


I have a friend who was at a loss at what to put on her daughter while competing in gymnastics. She was not allowed to wear a bracelet anywhere on the body, no shoes to place harmonizers in, and no place to stick a mini pillow. What she did tell me was that she could wear a pair of earrings studs so that got me thinking back to Tachyon. I knew they offered earrings, but I was a bit apprehensive when I came across them a few months ago. Not for the reason being I felt Tachyon couldn’t deliver in the sense of protection of my own energy field, but could they pull this off in a tiny earring AND make them pretty? In my opinion they hit the ball out of the park.

I ordered her a pair and when she received them, she raved how amazing they looked. I of course asked her how they felt but her daughter was wearing them but now she was tempted to get her own ear pierced so she could get a pair. I finally decided to give them a try.

As soon as I received them, I put them on, and I could immediately feel a difference in my energy field. I currently wear a bracelet from EMF Harmony that I never take off, so I naturally feel energized. However, upon putting the earrings on my energy shifted differently. I felt stimulated but in a different way. I ended up staying up to 12 am revamping my entire website and didn’t yawn once. Before bed I did take them off because I felt like I was not winding down and sure enough I finally felt sleep coming on.

Tachyon is a unique company that uses different modalities from Aulterra and EMF Harmony, but all three companies are essentially doing the same thing. Their goal is to protect our own SOEE field or our own energy field. By protecting our own energy field from things around us that are constantly interfering, we can keep ourselves in balance. When we are in balance, our bodies can function at their highest capabilities. Think of it as canceling out the noise that gets in the way of us operating at our highest potential physically. By protecting our energy, we are not just protecting ourselves from EMFs but aiding the system in healing quickly and slowing the aging process.


According to traditional Chinese medicine and other healing systems, the ears contain a map of the whole body. Tachyonized™ earrings are designed to stimulate the meridian points in the ears by charging the SOEFs (our source energy field). Wear these beauties to stimulate the meridian points in the ears, help balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain. The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) converts Tachyon into the various frequencies needed to create order and harmony. Tachyonized earrings work by charging your Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) and stimulating the body to function at its highest bio-energetic potential.

This will help increase clarity while studying for exams or wear daily to stimulate the area to function at its highest bioenergetic potential. When wearing the Tachyonized earrings it is important that you wear one in each ear to facilitate balance. 

I look forward to wearing them while I am lifting. I am hoping my right side might experience a burst of healing after a terrible wrist injury I suffered about a year ago. However, my coach might be a bit annoyed if they give me too much extra energy as I currently struggle with moving too fast, being highly impatient in my lifts, and having an annoying amount of energy that no amount of training seems to calm. Yea...he is going to love me wearing these :-)

You can check out the newest addition to EMF Protection Jewelry here: Earrings | My Site ( I will be adding other colors and styles soon!

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