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Bioresonace technology and how Life Harmony uses it to promote health!

One stop emf protection is focused on products that restore balance to our bodies. While many of the products offered help neutralize the harmful effects of EMFS to KEEP our body in balance, there are also many products that help return our bodies back into balance. Today I want to touch upon EMF Harmony's sister comany, Life Harmony and explain a little but more about what they do.

When you buy a product from Life Harmony Energies or EMF Harmony, you're getting something pretty special. Everything we make incorporates a proprietary bioresonance technology we've been using in Europe for the past twenty years. And now it's available to you.

How does it work?

Through Life Force Energy. Also called Subtle Energy, Life Force Energy is the ultimate source of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being. It permeates all things – from the food you eat to the water you drink to your own body. Our products harmonize and vitalize the energy of all these so you can live your life in higher health and harmony.

Using bioresonance techniques to promote health is not new. It's been used for thousands of years in proven healing modalities like Traditional Chinese Medicine (think acupuncture and Chi) and Ayurvedic healing (think yoga and Prana). But it's also a cutting-edge modern technology that relies on the theories of quantum physics. Since the advent of quantum mechanics, a century ago there has been much research carried out on how to gather, store, manipulate, and transfer quantum energy - the modern name for the Life Force Energy of the ancient healing modalities.

As the name bioresonance implies, it's all about transmitting beneficial energetic frequencies to interact with the energy in your life, including your personal allocation of Life Force Energy called your biofield. Your biofield is the quantum energy field from which your body, mind, and spirit emanate. Your total being is influenced by the vibrations of this energy. If they're strong and resonating in a balanced, harmonized manner, then you're healthy and integrated. If the vibrations are weak and obstructed, then you're unhealthy and fragmented. Life Harmony Energies products emit pure, positive energetic frequencies that interact with your food, water, and your personal biofield to support beneficial changes in your energetic state, and thereby in your health and well-being.

What our products do:

  • Harmonize and vitalize your food and drinks, restoring them to an optimal energetic state so your body can absorb and assimilate (and they taste better!) Increase your cells' energetic level by providing your body with bio-photons, life supporting light energy.

  • Facilitate a smooth and balanced flow of energy through your body, helping to remove unhealthy energy blockages Support a clear and calm emotional state, the foundation upon which good health is built

  • Help you manifest specific intentions and goals via targeted energies, called Energy Stories.

Energy Stories

Our products carry unique energetic information. Every product has a story summarizing the effect of the bioresonance information within it. Some of the stories are general or non-personal, such as the products that harmonize water, food, or atmosphere in your home. Others are targeted to influence your personal biofield in a certain way, such as our Energy Pearls and Energy Discs – these we call Energy Therapy. Whatever your intentions, goals, or challenges, Life Harmony Energies has a product with the right energy to support your efforts to improve your life.

History of Our Bioresonance Technique

Our unique and proprietary bio-resonance technique was developed in Europe, the birthplace of the modern approach to supporting health through the biofield. We've been developing and using this technique in a variety of healthcare applications in Europe for over 20 years, although the theories and methods upon which it's based are much older.

Quantum Physics & Energy

In the 19th century the development of quantum theory by scientists including Erwin Schrodinger, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, and Niels Bohr turned classical science on its head. Quantum mechanics is today widely used in both science and industry – especially in the field of technology. The validity of quantum theory is undisputed by even conventional scientists, but its implications and the unanswered questions that it creates are still hotly debated.

Quantum theory has led to the conclusion that there is a “field” of energy at the sub-atomic level – in other words at a level even smaller than atoms, which are generally the smallest particles that are physically measurable. Atoms emerge from and dissolve into this quantum energy field. This is where quantum theory becomes controversial with conventional scientists, because the quantum energy field is not measurable with classical scientific devices or explainable with classical scientific theory, and so there is still much about it that is not understood.

There are, however, a number of scientists who have been researching the intersection of quantum theory and human biology since the advent of quantum physics. Many of the leading researchers in the area of quantum field energy and human health have been or are based in Germany, Austria, and Russia. The technology behind the EMF Harmony products is largely based on their work. Examples of the scientists and researchers whose work has contributed to the Life Harmony Energies technology include Wilhelm Reich, Nicola Tesla, Hartmut Mueller, Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp, and Dr. Noemi Kempe – to name just a few.

After close to 100 years of research, experimentation, and practical application of quantum theory to human biology and health, it's been discovered that human biology is directly influenced by activity in the quantum energy field. This includes the activity of light particles called photons, which when in your body are referred to as biophotons.

This emerging field of research and healthcare is often referred to as Biofield Science. The Consciousness & Healing Initiative (CHI) has done a nice job of defining Biofield Science. The following excerpt is from their excellent website:

"Allopathy, the dominant form of Western medicine, views the human body mainly as a machine with interacting fixable parts called organs and chemical pathways, which can be modified by surgery and drugs to restore and maintain healthy function. Biofield Science explores the view that molecules, cells, and organs of living systems communicate via fields of energy and information that serve as additional means of self-regulation to maintain health. The biofield hypothesis suggests that biofield activity is a normal ongoing health-promoting function of the body, and that intentional alteration of the biofield can regulate health processes via pathways that mediate aspects of our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being." Thus the basis of the Life Harmony Energies process is the ability to collect, store, and transmit “information” through the quantum field (or Life Force Energy as it's known in traditional healing). This information is essentially energy of a certain vibrational frequency, which will then resonate with and influence the energy of matter in the physical world (including your body).

This entire field of bioresonance research is of course still controversial in the realm of conventional science because, as mentioned above, it isn't measurable or explainable with classical scientific methods. It is, however, used every day in every corner of the world in practical applications for supporting human health, generally in the realm of “alternative” medicine. This is changing though – see below for a discussion of the now widely accepted healthcare treatment of acupuncture, which is based on the same type of energy as bio-resonance principles.

Find their products at or reach out to me anytime.

For further reading, here are some articles related to bio-energetic research that may be of interest:

Biofield Physiology: A Framework for an Emerging Discipline Biophoton interaction in biological systems: evidence of photonic info-energy transfer? An Overview of Biofield Devices The Life Harmony Energies Bioresonance Technology

As mentioned, the Life Harmony Energies bioresonance technology is based on principles of quantum physics, specifically characteristics of the quantum field. The quantum field is populated by subatomic particles – i.e. entities that are smaller than atoms and not directly observable. These particles are energetic in nature (like a photon) and have an associated wavelength and frequency (which we may refer to as their vibrational energy). The wave-like properties of these energetic particles cause complex interactions with other particles through the concept of interference. Interference can cause amplification or attenuation of the particles' waves base on their frequencies. One such example of wave attenuation is noise-canceling headphones, which rely on destructive interference to cancel out external acoustic waves.

Thus at a fundamental level the Life Harmony Energies process is based upon influencing the vibrational energy of elementary particles in the quantum field. Since all matter is presumed to contain corresponding or pre-existing particles / energy in the quantum field (which we will refer to as energetic information), by manipulating the vibrational energy of elementary particles one may influence the matter which they encounter and which emerges from them. Thus creating, storing, and transmitting energetic information in and through the quantum field is the primary mechanism of action.

The basics of our process are:

Through a combination of computation and testing, energetic information is developed that interacts with the energy/particles in the quantum field to create a desired effect in certain elements of matter in the surrounding environment (for example the energy of water or the energy of a human biofield). This energetic information is transmitted to and stored in the materials of which the Life Harmony Energies products are made. The materials are carefully chosen for their ability to hold the information, as not all substrates are appropriate for this purpose. However, the materials themselves don't influence the functional activity of the devices, they're simply carriers of the energetic information which creates the functional action. Once the energetic information is stored in the materials, it emits vibrations at certain frequencies which cause resonance or dissonance with other quantum field energy in their environment. This interaction at the sub-atomic level in the quantum field is what ultimately creates the desired effects in the targeted matter, e.g. harmonization of the vibrational energy of food, water, the area in a home, or conditions in the human body through the biofield. Documented Effectiveness

Since bioresonance energy operates at the sub-atomic / quantum level and not in the material plane, the only way to observe or measure it is through its effects on the human body or other organisms. We have commissioned a number of studies from third party research institutions that document the effect of our products and technology in this fashion. You can find some of these studies on our Research page here.

Is this Science?

As mentioned earlier, the concepts underlying quantum mechanics are still emerging and are controversial. In particular, the inability to directly measure the activity in the sub-atomic (quantum) field leads many scientists to question its validity. However, the activity of this field and its energetic effects on the human body have been recognized and used for thousands of years.

An example of this is acupuncture, which is now generally recognized as an effective health treatment and offered in most hospitals and covered by most insurance plans. Acupuncture is an ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used to correct bio-energetic imbalances in the body by directing energy flow through meridian pathways in the body. Electromagnetic activity associated with this energy flow and the meridian points can be measured, but where the energy comes from, what kind of energy it is, and what the meridians actually are is still unknown to Western medicine – because it all happens at the quantum level.

In TCM this sub-atomic energy is called Chi (or Qi), and in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine it is called Prana. They both refer to energy based on vibrational frequencies that operates in what is now called the human biofield, and its unmistakable effects on human health have been recognized and manipulated by Chinese and Indian doctors for centuries. The development of quantum theory has brought science – especially biology – directly into contact with these age-old medical practices.

The process underlying our products works on a bio-energetic level that is both old and new.

Old in that it's been recognized and used for centuries, new in that science has only recently begun to wrap its arms around it. But the scientists referenced above, through almost 100 years of research and practice, have found ways to collect, store, and transmit bio-energetic information at the sub-atomic level.

Life Harmony Energies uses this knowledge to create its special products that bring beneficial energy from the quantum field and into your life.

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