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Our Sine Wave Logo Band with Blue lettering is made of  pure silicone. Imprinted at our original Frequency (7.83Hz Schumann Resonance) earths Frequency is great for relieving discomfort and all around better health and well being.  


Available in five sizes:  Extra small 6.25″, great for children or women with smaller wrists. Small 6.75″perfect for larger children and most women. Our medium is a good fit for most women and some men with a length of 7.5″.  Large is 8.25″  and will fit the majority of men or larger women.  Extra-large is 9″ and is a good fit for the larger wrist or ankle.


Advantages of Silicone

There are a number of advantages to using silicone over natural rubber or other types of elastics, especially for wristbands.

Heat-resistance. Your wristband will not crack nor deteriorate when exposed to constant body heat or high ambient temperatures like would be present in a desert climate or sauna.

Waterproof. You don’t need to remove your silicone Sine Band when swimming or bathing.

Color-fastness. The colors on our silicone wristband will not fade easily, even when regularly exposed to sunlight.

Chemical resistance. You can rest assured soap, shampoos, cooking ingredients and other chemicals you may come in contact with will not cause your wristband to deteriorate.

Fungi-resistance. Molds and mildew will not grow on your silicone wristband, even when constantly exposed to high humidity.

Easily cleaned. Silicone’s resistance to chemicals means that it could easily be sanitized and disinfected if necessary.

Important Warranty Information: Our Sine bands have a lifetime warranty on the embedded technology. If the bracelet was to ever break, take a picture of the broken band, email the picture of the broken bracelet to us. We’ll email you back a code that you can use at checkout that will reduce the price to zero. All you pay is cost shipping and handling.

Silicone – Sine Band Blue “Pain Relief”

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